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Short Description
Ruby Docker image (from ruby 2.3.1 alpine) for rails app
Full Description

Ruby Node on Alpine

This will build the base image needed to run any rails app that uses

  • Ruby 2.3.1
  • Node JS from Alpine Packages

How to Use

Very simple simply do this in your rails app

Create Dockerfile

Create a Dockerfile with the following content

FROM iwan/ruby-alpine:latest
MAINTAINER Iwan Buetti <>

COPY . /usr/src/app

RUN bundle install --path vendor/bundle --without development test doc --deployment --jobs=4
RUN SECRET_KEY_BASE=blahblah DB_ADAPTER=nulldb bundle exec rake assets:precompile

Build the docker image

Once you've added the docker file you can build the base image of your app using

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository