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Docker agent for CloudLens Service
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Recommended start command

docker run -v /:/host -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --privileged --name cloudlens-agent -d --restart=on-failure --net=host ixiacom/cloudlens-agent --accept_eula yes --apikey <api-key>

Docker parameters

Parameter Description
-d (Required) Detached mode, run the container in the background.
--name <name> (Required) Name of the container.
--net=host or --net=container:name (Required) host = tap traffic on the host stack. container:container_name monitor traffic in a specific container.
--privileged (Required) Grant extended privileges to this container.
--restart=on-failure or --restart=always (Strongly recommended) Determines when the container is restarted. on-failure ensures that agent restarts on crashes and on system boot if it was running when the system went down. always causes the container to restart regardless of the exit status, and to always start on daemon startup regardless of the current state of the container. If you do not want to use the auto restart/start on boot feature, omit the --restart parameter.
-v /:/host (Required) CloudLens needs to mount the host file system so that it can identify system information (such as the operating system) to report in the agent details.
‑v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock (Required) CloudLens needs to mount the Docker socket (docker.sock) for automatic updates.If it cannot mount the Docker socket, you must update CloudLens manually.

CloudLens parameters

Parameter Description
‑‑accept_eula (Required) Accept or reject End User License Agreement (EULA) defined at: y (yes) to accept or n (no) to reject the EULA.If you pass n or omit this parameter, the agent exits.
‑‑apikey <api-key> (Required) API key of the project that this agent will be part of. The API key is automatically generated and displays on the dashboard as Project Key.
‑‑custom_tags nameX=valueX (Optional) Custom tags applied to this instance.
‑‑listen <interface> (Optional) Specific interfaces to capture packets from. For multiple interfaces, pass this parameter multiple times(eg: --listen eth0 eth1).If not specified, the agent listens on all interfaces.
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