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Obsidian 4.1 scheduler
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Docker Obsidian Scheduler 4.1

This repository contains the Dockerfile and automated configuration file to create an Obsidian scheduler standalone instance.

Base Docker Image

tomcat:jre8 from DockerHub


Install Docker.

Download automated build from public DockerHub Registery:

docker pull enmobile/obsidian

Alternatively, you can build an image directly from this repository:

docker build -t="enmobile/obsidian"


docker run -d -p 80:8080 enmobile/obsidian

Default user / password are "admin" / "changeme" (see the Obsidian Scheduler wiki for more information)


Option 1 - docker run

docker run -d -p 80:8080 -v \<path-to/location-to-persist/tasks-and-config>:/mnt/db/obsidian enmobile/obsidian

where \<path-to/location-to-persist/tasks-and-config> is an absolute path of a directory to store the H2 database that contains Obsidian task configuration and history

Option 2 - docker-compose up

See the docker-compose.yaml file in this repository for a quick example. Consider adding a volume: section!

        - db/obsidian:/mnt/db/obsidian

After starting up

After few seconds, open http://\<host>:\<port> to see the Obsidian admin console and log in using "admin" / "changeme".

Docker Pull Command