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Docker in Docker! (patched to support DOCKER_DAEMON_ARGS)
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Because of:

This is image is dedicated to the missing DOCKER_DAEMON_ARGS environment variable support on the official docker image. The image is based on it and just adds this support.

Custom daemon flags

Via entrypoint arguments

$ docker run --privileged \
  --name some-devicemapper-docker \
  -d jack12816/docker:dind --storage-driver=devicemapper

Via environment vairable

$ docker run  --privileged \
  --name some-devicemapper-docker \
  -e DOCKER_DAEMON_ARGS=--registry-mirror=http://mymirror:6000 \
  -d jack12816/docker:dind

There is a new DOCKER_DAEMON_STORAGE environment variable. With the help
of this you can easily change the storage driver. It defaults to vfs like
the original image.

Docker Pull Command