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Scanner -> FTP -> PDF/OCR pipeline container
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This application is able to be deployed with the help of docker.
The next sections will help you building a shipable image of the app.

Quick Start

$ docker run -d \ -e 'MAX_PARALLEL_JOBS=8' \ "jack12816/scanner-container:0.3.0"

Available Configuration Parameters

General Options

  • KEEP_ORIGINAL: Switch to keep the original input file. Defaults to: false.

Process Limits

  • MAX_PARALLEL_JOBS: Number of parallel job. Defaults to: 8.

Data Directories

  • DATA_IN: Data directory inside the container to watch for new files. Defaults to: /app/data/in.
  • DATA_TMP: Data directory inside the container to store temporary files. Defaults to: /app/data/tmp.
  • DATA_OUT: Data directory inside the container to store all outputs. Defaults to: /app/data/out.

Data Volumes

In order to kick off a docker container you need to specify data volumes.
These data volumes should be host bind mounts for this application, but if
you like to store outputs on a docker container volume its fine, too. Anyways
the following examples are host bind mounts.

The default paths for the daemon inside the container are /app/data/{in,tmp,out}.
Just ignore tmp if you don't be interessted in temporary stuff. The in and
out directories needs to be mounted.

`$ docker run -d \ -e 'MAX_PARALLEL_JOBS=8' \ -v '/host/path/to/in:/app/data/in' \ -v '/host/path/to/out:/app/data/out' \ "jack12816/scanner-container:0.3.0"

Docker Pull Command