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This image generates a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate.

The certificate server name is specified using the commandline option to set the SERVER environment variable.

The certificate subject organization is specified using the commandline option to set the SUBJECT environment variable.

An example of generating a certificate for server "" using the standard CA organization (assuming you tag the image as jacoelho/genearate-certificate):

  • docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/certificates -e "" jacoelho/generate-certificate

Or if you want to set, for example an organization:

  • docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/certificates -e "" -e "SUBJECT=/C=CA/ST=Canada/L=Canada/O=IT" jacoelho/generate-certificate

for the specified server will generate:

  • cacert.pem
  • server.key
  • server.pem
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2 years ago

By the way I think the generation should mount the volume at /certificates

2 years ago

I love your work, thanks!