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docker rawdns

dns container with dev zone preconfigured: it will return IP from container names in <container_name>.dev

for more information check:

starting this container:

docker run -d --name dns -p 53:53/udp -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock jacoelho/rawdns

If you are using boot2docker is possible to use this dns by routing the packets:

BOOT2DOCKER_IP=$(boot2docker ip 2> /dev/null)
BOOT2DOCKER_NETWORK=$(boot2docker ssh ip route show 2> /dev/null | awk '/docker0/{print $1}')
BOOT2DOCKER_STATUS=$(boot2docker status)

if [[ 'running' != $BOOT2DOCKER_STATUS ]]; then
  echo "boot2docker not running"
  exit 1
sudo route -n add "${BOOT2DOCKER_NETWORK}" "${BOOT2DOCKER_IP}"

Test for any container:
dig @$(boot2docker ip) <container_name>.dev

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