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Docker StatsD

About the container

A simple statsd docker implementation based off @antonlindstrom's statsd container with a few insets from @axisk.

Exposed ports

The following ports are exposed by the image.

Statsd listens on 8125 by default, to use it outside you'll need to expose it
to the outside world.


The following enviromental varaible are supported by this image.

  • GRAPHITE_PORT_2003_TCP_PORT (default: 2003)
  • GRAPHITE_PORT_2003_TCP_ADD (default: localhost)
  • GRAPHITE_GLOBAL_PREFIX (default: stats)
  • STATSD_PORT (default: 8125)
  • STATSD_DUMP_MSG (default: false)
  • STATSD_DEBUG (default: false)
  • STATSD_FLUSH_INTERVAL (default: 10000)

Running the container

Example to run the docker instance:

sudo docker run -e GRAPHITE_HOST= -e STATSD_DUMP_MSG=true -p 8125:8125/udp -p 8126:8126/tcp -d jaconel/statsd

This image is available in the docker registry at jaconel/statsd:

sudo docker pull jaconel/statsd

Building the container

This repository is setup to automatically build on Docker Hub when new commits are pushed to the master branch.

If you wish to build this repository manually, the following command(s) can be used:

sudo docker build -t statsd .

To push the image to docker hub:

sudo docker push jaconel/statsd

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