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Deluge docker seedbox, including webUI and password protected web access to downloads folder.
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A deluge seedbox that just works!

Run with
docker run -d --name deluge -p 80:80 -p 8112:8112 -p 58846:58846 -p 58847:58847 -p 58847:58847/udp -v /path/to/deluge/data:/home/deluge jakexks/deluge-torrent-seedbox

Then visit http://<your host>:8112 for the deluge web UI, or connect the desktop client to 58846 (the default).
Your downloads directory is also served over http on port 80.

The default username/password is deluge:deluge. I recommend changing this by editing the .config/deluge/auth file in your deluge data directory.

docker exec deluge sh -c "sudo -u deluge sh -c \"sed '/deluge/d' /home/deluge/.config/deluge/auth && echo \"user:pass:10\" >> /home/deluge/.config/deluge/auth"

You should also change the .htpasswd file in your docker data directory to secure your downloads folder.

docker exec deluge rm /home/deluge/.htpasswd
docker exec deluge htpasswd -c -b /home/deluge/.htpasswd user pass

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Comments (8)
10 months ago

Hi Jake, ive installed you Deluge docker and love that its up to date and easy running, but ive run into a small snag with deluge. I hoped to use the auto extract plugin in deluge but it seems to fail in extracting the archives.
Ive testes with rar archives, and used apt-get to install unrar and p7zip in the container but still no dice.
any suggestions?

10 months ago

jakexks ... I've been running you container for over a month now and wanted to personally thank you for your work... Thank you for providing a quality container. Let me know how I can contribute or pay homage.

a year ago

is it possible to have this container configured to give access to the deluge ThinClient ? such as here

a year ago

indeed it works ! Nice, thx a lot

2 years ago

I'm using this docker file on my Synology NAS drive and it works great. When I launched the docker I selected the options to do the default port mappings, the web-ui is at port 32775 and I connect the thin client to port 32772.

2 years ago

h5ai was not included in the docker.

Doesn't work :
docker exec deluge sh -c "sudo -u deluge sh -c \"sed '/deluge/d' /home/deluge/.config/deluge/auth && echo \"user:pass:10\" >> /home/deluge/.config/deluge/auth"

But, without this, good work :).

2 years ago

Can't download anything, no peers connected.

2 years ago

Great job, thx very much.