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Run git-cvsimport in a compatible environment
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git-cvsimport uses cvsps version 2. Compatibility was broken in cvsps version 3.

This image comes with cvsps version 2 installed.


The below example is based on an import from sourceforge. PATH-TO-CVS-REPO is the path to the cvs repository on the host machine. If this directory already contains the cvs repository, skip the rsync command. PATH-TO-GIT-REPO is the path to the target git repository on the host machine.

docker run -it --rm -v PATH-TO-CVS-REPO:/home/cvs -v PATH-TO-GIT-REPO:/home/git jakkn/cvsimport
rsync -av rsync://* cvs
cd git
git cvsimport -a -i -k -d /home/cvs/ [MODULE]


Running git cvsimport from the container will create all files under root. Change owner and group once you exit the container.

sudo chown -R user:user PATH-TO-GIT-REPO
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