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Configurable administration for Rest/GraphQL api
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Generated administration for RESTful api.

Configuration (config.yml)

You define list of entities that should be displayed. These are mapped to api

title: admin-as-service example
url: <base api url>
oauth: <oauth configuration>
  companies: # key associated to entity (also mapped to endpoint /{key})
    identifier: id # the field to be used as identifier
    readonly: false # read-only entity doesn't allow mutations
    endpoint: "api/companies" # endpoint for all views of this entity
    hidden: false # doesn't diplay entity in left menu
    listActions: # list of buttons for edit
      - edit # predefined button, redirect to edit form
      - delete # predefined button, delete record
      - title: test # custom created button with redirect action
        icon: new-window
        action: redirect
        url: '{{}}'
        target: blank
    actions: # actions visible in page header (in list, edit, create screens)
      - create
      - export
      - filter
    name: Company # entity name displayed in menu item/titles
    fields: # default list of fields
      - <field configuration>
    list: # configuration of list page
      title: This is list page
        - <filter configuration>
      fields: # fields for list page only
        - <field configuration>
    create: # configuration of create page
      title: Create new item
      fields: # fields for create page only
        - <field configuration>
    edit: # configuration of edit page
      title: Edit existing item
      fields: # fields for edit page only
        - <field configuration>

Field configuration

Each field is described by object with following structure:

    - attribute: <columnName>
      type: string # type of field (string, text, date, select, reference)
      label: <label> # human friendly name of field (default: attribute value)
      format: $0,0.00 # formatted number for numeric fields

Choices field (enum/Select)

... deprecated, use choice/choices
    - attribute: state
      type: choice # choice/choices, select is deprecated
        - { value: US, label: USA }
        - { value: FR, label: France }

Reference field

    - attribute: user_id
      type: reference
      toMany: false
      entity: <entity key> # eg. companies
      targetField: name # field to be displayed in displayed reference (

Filters configuration

For list you can configure filtering as list of filters:

        q: # query string attribute that will be mapped ?q={value}
          label: Search
          pinned: true # specify if the search is always displayed
            placeholder: search text
            searchColumns: title # specify on which columns the filter should be applied
        where[user_id]: # query string attribute that will be mapped ?where[user_id]={value}
          label: User
          type: reference
          entity: users
          targetField: firstname

Actions configuration

For every page you can configure buttons displayed in header.

        - title: test
          icon: new-window
          action: redirect
          url: '{{}}' # you can extract data from entity
          target: blank
        - delete

List actions configuration

The same way you specify page action, you can also specify list actions (buttons
in table).

        - title: test
          icon: new-window
          action: redirect
          url: '{{}}' # you can extract data from entity
          target: blank
        - filter
        - edit
        - delete

OAuth configuration

  flow: resourceOwnerPasswordCredentials


You can run administration locally with docker:

docker run --rm -p 8080:80 -v /path/to/config.yml:/code/config.yml jakubknejzlik/admin-as-service
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