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Pidgin with Xpra in Docker


Persistent, shared IM. It's the dream.

With Hangouts, you can have it. Same with Slack. Same with HipChat.

Ever try to use [XEP-0280][]
(XMPP Message Carbons)?


Now you can have persistent, shared IM with Jabber, too. Hooray!


Run it in docker somewhere:

vps:~$ vim $HOME/xpra-password
vps:~$ docker run -p 10000:10000 -v $HOME/xpra-password:/password -v $HOME/purple:/purple jamesandariese/xpra-pidgin

Now attach from somewhere else:

laptop:~$ vim $HOME/xpra-password
laptop:~$ xpra attach tcp:SERVERHOSTNAME:10000 --password-file=$HOME/xpra-password --encryption=AES --sharing

Bonus! Now attach from ANOTHER somewhere else:

rpi-on-your-tv:~$ vim $HOME/xpra-password
rpi-on-your-tv:~$ xpra attach tcp:SERVERHOSTNAME:10000 --password-file=$HOME/xpra-password --encryption=AES --sharing

They're all in sync! Wow!

You can even write part of a message and finish it on another host.

You can reboot them all (except your server) and keep your IMs exactly how you had them.

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