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Rundeck Docker
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Rundeck docker

Rundeck environment

To run this docker

docker pull jamesarems/rundeck-latest

docker run -privileged --name rundeck -d -p 4440:4440/tcp jamesarems/rundeck-latest

*Browse at


username : admin
password : admin

For Advanced Users

To edit configurations and all , better you need to mount rundeck volumes to your host . For that,

docker run -privileged --name rundeck -d -v /rundeck/var/:/var/rundeck -v /rundeck/etc/:/etc/rundeck -p 722:22/tcp -p 4440:4440/tcp jamesarems/rundeck-latest

*Note : Here default ssh port from rundeck docker is 722 tcp port .

*You can edit rundeck configuration from host directory

eg : Under /rundeck

Available Volumes




*Note : To restart rundeck service ,

docker exec <container-id> service rundeckd restart

Docker Link

Link between other dockers. This is better option if you are using an SMTP server. Port 25 is already exposed.


This docker is in beta stage. Please comment your suggestions. I will try to add more configurations.
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