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Verium headless wallet and CPU miner
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Verium solo mining with docker

A single Ubuntu image containing veriumd (the headless wallet daemon) and cpuminer.

Solo Mining steps

  1. Back up your wallet.dat file (from $HOME/Library/Application Support/Verium/ on MacOS, %appdata%/verium/ on Windows).
  2. Copy your wallet.dat file to its own directory (e.g. /veriumdata/wallet.dat). This will also become your data directory where the blockchain will persist.
  3. Create an overlay network for the wallet and the miner to communicate:

     docker network create verium
  4. Launch a veriumd container. This will run veriumd with your wallet.dat file in /root/.verium, expose the peering and RPC ports, and set the RPC credentials:

     docker run -it --rm --net verium --name veriumd -e RPCPORT=33987 -e RPCUSER=rpcusername -e RPCPASS=rpcpassword -v /veriumdata:/root/.verium -p 36988:36988 -p 33987:33987 launchveriumd

    The first time you run launchveriumd, it will check your data directory for the blockchain and config file, and bootstrap them using data downloaded from the vericoin web site.

  5. Launch a cpuminer container. This will run the cpuminer, and configure it to connect to the veriumd container:

     docker run -it --rm --net verium --name cpuminer -e RPCPORT=veriumd -e RPCPORT=33987 -e RPCUSER=rpcusername -e RPCPASS=rpcpassword launchcpuminer

    Note that when the veriumd first launches, it takes time to bootstrap the blockchain (up to an hour, perhaps longer), and even when the blockchain's already been downloaded, it must also connect to peers. Subsequent runs don't take long, so don't be alarmed if you see json_rpc_call errors for up to a minute. Be sure to use the same port, username, and password here, as the cpuminer needs those credentials to connect to the veriumd wallet.

Solo Mining steps (simplified)

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above
  2. Use docker-compose to automate all of the above steps, and get a self-contained wallet and miner process:

     docker-compose up

    See docker-compose.yml

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