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A container with a Visual Studio Team System build agent and tools for Ruby on Rails and Postgres
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This is a docker container with a Visual Studio Team System build agent and tools suitable for use as a Ruby on Rails and Postgres continuous integration server.

To Use

docker pull jamescarscadden/vsts-agent-rails
docker run -t --name vstsagent --link railsPostgres:postgres \
                -e VSTS_CONFIG_USERNAME=<username> \
                -e VSTS_CONFIG_PASSWORD=<password> \
                -e VSTS_CONFIG_URL=<url for vsts> \
                -e VSTS_CONFIG_AGENTNAME=<agent name> \
                -d jamescarscadden/vsts-agent-rails

Fill in the parameters above with values for your own project.
Note the '--link' argument. This docker is built with only Postgres development libraries, not the entire postgres server. If you wish to deploy and test a database, an additional docker container should be deployed with the postgres database using the following:

docker run --name railsPostgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=<db password> -d postgres

This container was built based on the blog post from the Road to ALM blog

Running a Visual Studio Build vNext agent in a Docker container


Running a VS Team Services (VSO) Build Agent in a Windows Docker Container

as well as the associated code from renevanosnabrugge/vsobuild-docker

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