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lighttpd configured with php how I like it.
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This is basically just an image that has lighttpd configured with php how I like. It looks for sites based on this pattern:

sudo docker run -d -P --name web -v /home/jim/sites:/var/www/sites -v /home/jim/mysqldata:/var/lib/mysql jameslporter/lighty:v2 /sbin/my_init

Note the -v maps a local path to the container path. You might have to copy the mysql datadir by booting once without mapping and copy it to your target directory on the host. Might be able to just run the mysql_install_db script or the debian postinst hooks to just make it create the data directory.

This uses the phusion base-image so you can enable the insecure keys to put your own in place.

More than minimal configuration to come.

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