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Spacewalk running under Docker
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An experiment to get Spacewalk 2.2 running under Docker, as I wanted a quick means of running up the app to test stuff out. At the moment the application and the Postgres database all run within the same container. It'd be quite simple to split them out across separate containers and connect them together using --link and --volumes-from.

To run Spacewalk do:

docker run --name spacewalk jamesnetherton/spacewalk:2.2

Then open a browser and hit the container IP address. You can determine the IP address by:

docker inspect --format {{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}} spacewalk

It takes a little while to initialise everything, so don't panic if initially you get 'Service Temporarily Unavailable' messages. Be patient, refresh the page every 10 seconds or so and eventually you'll see the admin user creation page.

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