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Create automated snapshots of EC2 Instances based on EBS Volumes
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Dockerized aws-autosnap

aws-autosnap is a python script to make it easy to automatically snapshot any EBS volumes.

Simply add a tag to each instance/volume you want to snapshots regularly, configure and run this container and you're done. It will even handle removing old snapshots on a hourly based on a retention policy.


  • Python based: Leverages boto and is easy to configure.
  • Tag-based configuration: Instance/volume specific settings are set using tags directly on those objects.
  • Flexible frequency/retention policy: Specify snapshot frequency and snapshot retention using either the default value in config file or tags(instance or volume)
  • SNS Notifications: Autosnap works with Amazon SNS out of the box, so you can be notified of created/deleted of snapshots



You'll need to give autosnap the correct permissions on your AWS account in order to function. You can use either an IAM user or role. Refer to the sample IAM policy when making your IAM policy attached to this user/role. If you're not using SNS notifications, you can remove that portion.

  • If you're using an IAM user, you must set the access and secret keys in the config file, or as environment variables(AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY).
  • If you're using an EC2 role, just run the script! It'll authenticate automatically.

SNS (optional)

If you'd like to use SNS notifications, create an SNS topic in your AWS account and pass in the ARN in the config file, or as environment variable AUTOSNAP_SNS_ARN.

Configuration & Run

All the configuration parameters can be overridden by passing environment variables. The variable naming convention is as follows, AUTOSNAP_{VARIABLE_NAME}. So, for example AUTOSNAP_LOG_FILE.


  1. Run with SNS enabled
    docker run -d --name ebs-snapshot-service -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[CHANGE_ME] -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[CHANGE_ME] -e AUTOSNAP_SNS_ARN=[CHANGE_ME] xetusoss/ebs-snapshot-service
  2. Dry run
    docker run -d --name ebs-snapshot-service -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=[CHANGE_ME] -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=[CHANGE_ME] -e AUTOSNAP_DRY_RUN=true xetusoss/ebs-snapshot-service

Snapshot Scheduling

For each instance or volume that you want to snapshot, add the following tags:

  • (required) autosnap:X: how often (in hours) you want this instance to be snapshotted (tag name can be changed in
  • (optional) autosnap_retention:X: how many snapshots you want to keep (if not specified, it will use the value in
  • (optional) Tag any volumes that you don't want to snapshot with autsnap_ignore. The tag's value doesn't matter (it can be blank).

    PLEASE NOTE: volume settings will override instance settings

What happens

When this script creates a snapshot, it will tag the snapshot with snapshot_type:autosnap (or whatever tag_name is set to in, along with some other useful tags. Later, when it is creating the list of snapshots to delete, it will only consider snapshots for a given volume if that tag is present. This allows you to make your own snapshots without having to worry about autosnap deleting them later (just make sure you don't tag it with 'snapshot_type:autosnap').

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