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Bouncing balls, Zend Expressive and Redis
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Please ignore the "Docker Pull Command" on the right.

Particulum Mobile allows to start a quick demo of the Particulum Mobile app.

Start the Stack on a single container by just clicking one of the following buttons and let the magic happen. Or create the stack "manually" and start the app with one command.

Vanilla PHP

Zend Server


  • Go to
  • Open preferences and choose a template
  • Click in terminal window of a Manager node
  • Run:

    curl -sSL | sh

    for starting a cluster with Vanilla PHP container(s)
    or run

    curl -sSL | sh

    for starting a cluster with Zend Server.

The App

The Particulum Mobile application will generate dynamically requests to an API. White balls are popping up in the browser, if there is a collision between two of them they first become gray and a request is sent to the backend. The server is answering with a color code which has been calculated out of the hostname of the server. The ball which sent the request is changing the color accordingly to the responded color code. After a while the balls are disappearing and new ones are created randomly.


Docker Pull Command