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kong docker
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Kong Plugin Development

An environment for iterating quickly when developing Kong plugins. Lua, Kong + livereload.

Uses Docker to bring up a Casandra, Kong and sets up Nodemon to watch for changes to kong.yml and any plugins. If changes are detected luarocks make installs the plugin(s) and Kong is reloaded.

Start up

Startup Docker on OSX:

docker-machine start default
eval $(docker-machine env)

Bring up the Casandra and Kong containers

docker-compose up

Kong is not started right away (as during development an invalid plugin can bring it down and it's handy to see the logs + restart).
To bring up Kong you need to connect to the container and execute the command manually:

docker exec -i -t $(docker ps --filter ancestor=superpixel/kong-plugin-development -q) kong start

If this is the first run it will take a minute to bootstrap.

Once finished whenever the files in ./plugins or ./config are changed Kong will be reloaded and the updated plugins loaded in.

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