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Short Description
Apache 2.4 + Php 5.6 based on Alpine 3.6
Full Description


  • Image based on alpine linux (currnetly 3.6)
  • Contains appache 2.4 + php 5.6.30
  • Apache runs or port 8080 as user nobody and logs to standard output
  • Very low footprint appx 49M

Build This Image

docker build --network=host --tag alpine-apache-php .

Use this image as a base

Copy your php web application into /app/data/htdocs

Run image

docker run -p 8080:8080 alpine-apache-php

If you want to store your app on a volume you should start it like so

docker run -v /my/volume/:/app/data -p 8080:8080

The /my/volume/htdocs should contain your web application

Docker Pull Command