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A web-based mobile ready RSS reader and aggregator with support for full text RSS scraping
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Selfoss for Docker

This Dockerfile provides the janeczku/selfoss Selfoss image based on CentOS 7 and a high performant Nginx and PHP5-FPM stack.

About Selfoss

Selfoss is a web-based mobile ready RSS reader and aggregator with built-in support for fulltext RSS scraping.

GitHub project:

Getting Started

The selfoss data and configuration is stored in the persistent /data volume. Port 80 is exposed for the web application.
The /data volume is initialized on first launch with all necessary files allowing one to host-bind the volume to an empty local folder if necessary.

Run the image

docker run -d --name selfoss -p 8080:80 janeczku/selfoss

Configuration and maintenance

Generally no changes to the configuration are required. If you wish however to password protect Selfoss, you need to manually edit the configuration file:

The Selfoss configuration is located in the /data/www/default. To make changes you can attach a console to the running container and then edit the config.ini file. Since '/data' is an exported volume your changes will persist a reboot.

docker exec -ti selfoss bash
[root@selfoss] vi /data/www/default/config.ini

For configuration directives, follow the Selfoss documentation.

Updating the feeds

This image is setup to automatically fetch feed updates every 30 minutes via a cron job.

Build your own image

git clone && cd docker-selfoss-nginx
docker build -t janeczku/selfoss .
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