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data.table as a service/node

Based on dockerfile for minimal setup of Ubuntu, R and the packages Rserve and data.table, jangorecki/r-base-dev which is:

ubuntu + git + ssl + curl + r-base-dev

Additionally, providing Rserve and data.table packages.
Rserve instance is configured and started. Encoding is set to utf8, unlike Rserve default.

How to start

Start a node in shell.

docker run -d -p 33311:6311 --name=rnode11 jangorecki/r-data.table

How to connect

Connect from R session.

conn = RS.connect(port = 33311)
dt = RS.eval(conn,

How to make cluster

Run 3 more nodes from shell.

docker run -d -p 33312:6311 --name=rnode12 jangorecki/r-data.table
docker run -d -p 33313:6311 --name=rnode13 jangorecki/r-data.table
docker run -d -p 33314:6311 --name=rnode14 jangorecki/r-data.table

Use base R lapply function to manage nodes as list.

port = 33311:33314
rscl = lapply(port, function(port) RS.connect(port=port))
lapply(rscl, RS.eval, {x <-; TRUE})
lapply(rscl, RS.eval, x[, lapply(.SD, mean), Species])
lapply(rscl, RS.close)

Stop docker Rserve services.

docker stop rnode11 rnode12 rnode13 rnode14

Using class

Follow readme on package, it provides class which is an extended wrapper on above lapply, running queries in parallel, row binding results and much more.

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