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Docker-wrapper for the ever-so-useful s3cmd
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Docker-wrapper for the ever-so-useful s3cmd, with proper tags, convenient entrypoint, and two special locations within the container:

  • /config, from which the .s3cfg is looked for by default. Use -v to mount your own, secret config over that.
  • /data, which is the default workdir. Use -v to mount any data you wish to operate on there.


Running the container without arguments gives you the --help:

$ docker run jareware/s3cmd
Usage: s3cmd [options] COMMAND [parameters]


For operations that require authentication, mount your ~/.s3cfg to the container:

$ docker run -v ~/.s3cfg:/config:ro jareware/s3cmd ls
2015-07-24 20:37  s3://my-bucket
2015-12-26 12:49  s3://another-bucket

All commands and arguments work as they would on the unwrapped s3cmd. Say you have important.txt at your current directory, which you'd want to upload to a publicly available location:

$ docker run -v ~/.s3cfg:/config:ro -v $(pwd):/data:ro jareware/s3cmd put --acl-public important.txt s3://my-bucket


The tags match the wrapped s3cmd release.



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