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Nagios Core with Nagiosgraph, check_nrpe, custom checks & XMPP Notifications
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Docker image for Nagios

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Nagios Core 4.3.4 running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with NagiosGraph & NRPE


Nagios Configuration lives in /opt/nagios/etc
NagiosGraph configuration lives in /opt/nagiosgraph/etc


docker pull jasonrivers/nagios:latest


Run with the example configuration with the following:

docker run --name nagios4 -p jasonrivers/nagios:latest

alternatively you can use external Nagios configuration & log data with the following:

docker run --name nagios4  \
  -v /path-to-nagios/etc/:/opt/nagios/etc/ \
  -v /path-to-nagios/var:/opt/nagios/var/ \
  -v /path-to-custom-plugins:/opt/Custom-Nagios-Plugins \
  -v /path-to-nagiosgraph-var:/opt/nagiosgraph/var \
  -v /path-to-nagiosgraph-etc:/opt/nagiosgraph/etc \
  -p jasonrivers/nagios:latest

Note: The path for the custom plugins will be /opt/Custom-Nagios-Plugins, you will need to reference this directory in your configuration scripts.

There are a number of environment variables that you can use to adjust the behaviour of the container:

Environamne Variable Description
MAIL_RELAY_HOST Set Postfix relayhost
MAIL_INET_PROTOCOLS set the inet_protocols in postfix
NAGIOS_FQDN set the server Fully Qualified Domain Name in postfix
NAGIOS_TIMEZONE set the timezone of the server

For best results your Nagios image should have access to both IPv4 & IPv6 networks


The default credentials for the web interface is nagiosadmin / nagios

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