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Tiny container to run the Lets Encrypt verification step
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Tiny container to run the Lets Encrypt verification step on a host where you
may not have other means of serving the file.


docker run --rm --name letsencrypt-verify -p 80:80 \
-e FILE=__FILE__ -e KEY=__KEY__ jasperla/letsencrypt-verify

Replace KEY and FILE with the value displayed here by the letsencrypt client:

before continuing:



For certain hosts it may not be desirable to run a webserver to serve the
file required for the LE verification step. For example when you run the
LE client with manual on a different host and use the SSL cert for a service
other than a webserver. For such cases it could be handy to fire up a container,
serve the verification code and shut it down when finished.
This image was optimized for size, coming in at less than 6 MB.

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