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Unofficial Ubuntu docker image to run the Team Services build agent for building cross-platform.
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The OFFICIAL VSTS Docker Build Agent is kept here (including for Java):

This Docker Image is meant to serve only as an example.

Dockerfile to compose upon the ubuntu-minjava-build image to build an Ubuntu docker container to run the Team Services coreCLR build agent for building cross-platform (xplat) software. Tools and languages available include:
•Java (OpenJDK 7 and 8)
•Ant, Maven and Gradle
•C and C++
•Ruby and Rails

Built from Dockerfile:

This Docker Image is dependent on ubuntu-minjava-build so you must first download and build that image first. See

This Dockerfile was built and tested on an Ubuntu 16.04 host running Docker v1.11.2. Earlier versions may or may not work. If you don't already have a host running Docker, you can use the Azure QuickStart template to set up one for Ubuntu:

Example of how to build on an Ubuntu Docker host:

cd vsts-dockerfiles/ubuntu-xplat-build

sudo docker build --tag javaalm/vsts-ubuild-full .

Example of how to run a container once the image above is built:

docker run -d --privileged --name <Docker container name> javaalm/vsts-ubuild-full ./ <Team Services Account url> <PAT> <Pool Name> <Agent Name>

so something like this (but using your Team Services Account, PAT, and Pool and Agent names):

docker run -d --privileged --name docker-xplat-full javaalm/vsts-ubuild-full ./ spqnoh4j2sqklayog3ipsjovc3z5njvthpm2o4jdrdre2ztqxxxx default docker-xplat-full

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