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IRC bot
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\ ... ... ´ /| : O : : O : | Welcome to | | | :___: :___: | JZBot | \_\ _ / ___________-´ \ -----´ --´-----------´

JZBot is an IRC bot. Visit if
you have questions.

To set up JZBot, make sure you have java. If you don't,
install it by running "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk".
I haven't tested JZBot with OpenJDK, so if you install that
instead of sun-java6-jdk, your mileage may vary. I also
haven't tested JZBot on Windows, but it should work without
a problem. Then, run this command:

chmod +x jzbot

Then run this:


That command will print out info on how to set up the bot.

========== FOR THE TECHNICALLY INCLINED ==========

If you want to write your own functions (see "~help functions"
for info on what functions are), all you need to do is create
a subclass of jw.jzbot.fact.Function in the package
jw.jzbot.fact.functions, and place its .class files in
classes/jw/jzbot/fact/functions. I know this fixed-package
naming is less than intuitive, and I plan to add a configuration
file in the future that can be used to register functions in
other classes or folders. I'm also thinking of making a plugins
folder where groups of functions can be registered at a time
by including jar files.

If you've created a function that does something useful,
and you wouldn't mind making it open-source, visit and submit a pull request.

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