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glot-www is the website hosted at
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glot-www is the website hosted at
Snippets are stored and managed in glot-snippets
and code are run through glot-run via
their respective api's. PostgreSQL is used to store user profiles, api tokens, etc.

Environment variables

glot-www takes its configuration from environment variables.
All vars need to be set, no default values are provided.

Variable name Allowed values Example Description
APPROOT <url> Base url to where the app is hosted
PORT 1-65535 3000 Listen port
PGHOST <ip> | <hostname> Postgresql host
PGPORT 1-65535 5432 Postgresql port
PGUSER <string> glot Postgresql username
PGPASS <string> secret-password Postgresql password
PGDATABASE <string> glot Postgresql database name
RUN_API_BASE_URL <url> Url to run api
RUN_API_ADMIN_TOKEN <string> some-secret Admin token for the run api (to create users)
RUN_API_ANONYMOUS_TOKEN <string> secret-token Token used to run snippets for anonymous users
SNIPPETS_API_BASE_URL <url> Url to snippets api
SNIPPETS_API_ADMIN_TOKEN <string> some-secret Admin token for the snippets api (to create users)
MAILGUN_DOMAIN <string> Mailgun domain
MAILGUN_API_KEY <string> key-1234567890 Mailgun api key
ANALYTICS_ID <string> secret-id Google analytics id (optional)
DISABLE_ADS true true Disable ads (optional)

Compile from source

git clone
cd glot-www
cabal sandbox init
cabal install -j --only-dependencies --max-backjumps=-1 --reorder-goals
cabal build
Docker Pull Command
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