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It is a postgres 9.3 server configured as a tzar database and installed on a Docker machine. Docker needs to be installed in your OS.

  • First download the docker machine docker pull javimarlop/postgres93-tzar-docker
  • Then run:
docker run -dP --name pg javimarlop/postgres93-tzar-docker
docker ps -a # to check which port is using the docker container and change it accordingly
psql -h -p 49153 -d docker -U docker --password -c "create user tzar with password 'tzar'" # password: docker
psql -h -p 49153 -d docker -U docker --password -c "create database tzar" # password: docker
psql -h -p 49153 -d docker -U docker --password -c "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE tzar to tzar" # password: docker
psql -h -p 49153 -d tzar -U tzar --password -f db_schema.sql # password: tzar
# psql:db_schema.sql:344: ERROR:  must be member of role "postgres"

# connect to test it:
psql -h -p 49153 -d tzar -U tzar --password # password: tzar

# schedule some jobs using the repo of your choice:
java -jar tzar.jar scheduleruns --runset=ehabpy_test --numruns=10 --dburl=jdbc:postgresql://<URL OF YOUR DB>:49153/<NAME OF DB>?user=tzar^&password=tzar

More info on how to connect to the DB from the host or from another container here.

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