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Python2.7 + Scipy
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This is a working python 2.7 docker container that's preinstalled with scipy and ipython.

This has been tested throughout all python classes in Udacity Nanodegree program for Data Analyst. I prefer to use this to the recommended Anaconda installation since with this I do not have to redo all installations when I'm switching machines. Moreover it gives me a certain degree of flexibility of upgrading any Python module without being reliant on Anaconda.

To run your docker environment:

docker run -dit -v /c/Users/User/:/media/disk -p 8888:8888 jaycode/python2-scipy:v3

Then access it by:

docker exec -ti [docker-id]

You can find [docker-id] by running:

docker ps

/c/Users/User/ is where you keep all your python projects. Change this to suit your local host machine. Note that docker cannot have access to other drive than c in Windows.

To start ipython notebook server, you need to:

ipython notebook --ip='*'

To allow ipython server to listen to all ip so your app may be accessible from host machine.

Instead of viewing your app in http://localhost:8888, you can only view it in http://[boot2docker-ip]:8888. To find boot2docker-ip run this in your terminal (not boot2docker terminal):

boot2docker ip
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