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Raspberry PI Docker Image to port former Google MusicManager (up+down music to Google Music)
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Raspberry PI - Google Music Manager - Docker Image

This image allows you to download and upload your Google Music Library to/from a selected folder


docker run -d --restart=always -v /path/to/your/library:/media/library --name googlemusicmanager jaymoulin/rpi-google-musicmanager

You must define your path to your library in a volume to /media/library

You can also mount a folder to /root/oauth to keep or reuse your key


First, you have to allow the container to access your Google Music account

docker exec -ti googlemusicmanager auth

Then follow prompted instructions.

You will be asked to go to a Google URL to allow the connection:

Visit the following url:
Follow the prompts, then paste the auth code here and hit enter:

Once done, restart the container to start downloading your library

docker restart googlemusicmanager


Install RaspberryPi Docker

If you don't have Docker installed yet, you can do it easily in one line using this command

curl -sSL "" | sudo sh && sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
Docker Pull Command

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