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Rsync Daemon with support for multiple RSYNC Modules
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Rsync Daemon with support for multiple RSYNC Modules

This image is for starting a rsyncd container with oner or more rsync modules.


It is recommended to use this image with docker-compose. The following code will show an example docker-compose.yml file:

    container_name: rsyncd
    restart: always
        # (optional) - use only if non-default values should be used
        RSYNC_TIMEOUT: 300
        RSYNC_PORT: 873

        # (optional) - global username and password
        RSYNC_PASSWORD: foobar
        RSYNC_USERNAME: rsync

        # ID_NAME is the only required parameter for each rsync module
        MOD1_NAME: Backup_From
        MOD1_VOLUME: /vol2
        MOD2_USERNAME: test
        MOD2_PASSWORD: secret
        MOD2_UID: nobody
        MOD2_GID: nobody
        MOD1_READ_ONLY: "true"
        MOD2_EXCLUDE: /backup

        MOD2_NAME: Backup_To
        MOD2_VOLUME: /vol
        MOD2_READ_ONLY: "false"

        - /data:/vol2
        - /data/backup:/vol
        - "873:873"
    image: jazzdd/rsyncd
  • Looking at the example compose file, the first three environment variables are completely optional and are predefined in the image.

  • RSYNC_USERNAME and RSYNC_PASSWORD can be used to define a simple authentication which is used for all Rsync modules. If these parameters are not specified, authentication is disabled by default. This can be overwritten by module-wise environment variables

To define a Rsync module a simple ID_NAME is needed as environment variable. ID can be any letter or number and is of your choosing. The ID is used to identify all corresponding parameters. All other parameters are optional.

  • ID_NAME: unique name of the Rsync module
  • ID_VOLUME: path of the Rsync module, this should be a volume mounted to the container (/vol is the default directory if no VOLUME parameter is specified)
  • ID_USERNAME and ID_PASSWORD: these two parameters can overwrite the global authentication parameters. If no global authentication is specified, it enables the username and password only for this specific Rsync module
  • ID_UID and ID_GID: by default the rsyncd runs with root privileges, this can be overwritten for a specific module when uid and/or gid are declared
  • ID_ALLOW: allows only specified IP addresses/ranges to connect to the Rsync module. If not declared all network addresses can connect to it
  • ID_READ_ONLY: states if module is read only or not. It defaults to true.
  • ID_EXCLUDE: this parameter can be used to exclude file patterns or folders from the rsync module
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