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Minimal environment with MySQL server:

  • built on top of alpine base image
  • ~88 MB in size (5 MB base + 83 MB)


I don't make any warranties about the security of this container. It's a toy for development purposes.

By default, no users or privileges are added or subtracted from the standard MySQL config. You can grant access by passing environment variables when the container is started.

  • ROOT_PASSWORD grants password-based access to root from any host.
  • USERNAME creates a new user with access from any host (if a value for PASSWORD is also specified, the user will require that password), and with full privileges on the entire database.

Example usage:

$ docker run -d --name cool_mysql -e ROOT_PASSWORD=docker jbergknoff/mysql
$ docker run -it --rm --link cool_mysql:db jbergknoff/mysql-client sh
# mysql -h db -u root -p
Enter password: [docker]
Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
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