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Short Description
Replay mementos of the homepage from the Internet Archives locally without failure.
Full Description

CNN Homepage Replay Service

Replay mementos of the CNN homepage from the Internet Archives locally without failure.


This project will run on node >= 6.x and to run (npm|yarn) install && ./
Be sure to execute chmod +x if you have not already.
If your on windows (or do not want to use the bash file) simply substitute ./
with node --harmony index.js.

If you wonder if your current node install can run this project consult

There are is only one optional argument that can be supplied to program which is
--port="new port" defaults to 3000.

Or if Docker is your thing docker pull jberlin/cnn-replay-service
and docker run -p 3000:3000 jberlin/cnn-replay-service

Once started simply navigate to http://localhost:3000 and happy replaying :tada:

The Secret Sauce

There is none. All this project does is proxy the Internet Archives Wayback Machine
for the following URIs*/ and< URI-M>.

And two slight modifications to the replayed Memento :suspect:

The modifications made are described in the section Modifications Made To The Replayed Memento

Why Is This Necessary

For a detailed explaination as to why this is necessary see the blog post from the
Web Science And Digital Libraries Research Group:
2017-01-20: has been unarchivable since November 1st, 2016


CNN has made changes to how the contents of their homepage is loaded. One of the
methods used to accommodate these changes is to set the document.domain property
of the global window object to

This is not allowed when replayed via
the Internet Archives Wayback Machine due to the
Same Origin Policy
of web browsers. Subsequently causing information about how to load the contents of
the page to not be made available to the JavaScript responsible for the
loading and rendering of it.

Due to this, replaying mementos of the homepage after 2016-11-01T13:15:40 appear
to be an archived about:blank page.

<p align="center">
<img height="250" src="cnnWhiteOut.png"/>

But we can replay these mementos. We have the technology.
We can replay these mementos as archived. With a few modifications :godmode:

Modifications Made To The Replayed Memento

This project intelligently removes the offending line of JavaScript code

window.document.domain = "";

from the second inline script tag in the head of the mementos HTML
if it is present at replay time.

The project also dynamically rewrites specific URI-Rs that the Internet Archives own
rewrite mechanisms missed to a URI-M corressponding to the datetime of the Memento
currently beging replayed.

For example if you were to view a Memento of on 2017-03-10T06:03:34
via this project the archived pages JavaScript would request


Which this project would rewrite to /web/20170310060334/

Without these rewrites the page content on 2017-03-10T06:03:34 would not be viewable as
these URI-Rs are included in the information made available to the archived pages JavaScript
by the previous modification made by this project.

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