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A stock Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP stack, for deploying whatever you think might be useful on it.
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Note: if you want this in a Dockerfile-style setup, please visit my github repo.

This is a generic LAMP stack. It's meant for deploying standard PHP apps like Wordpress and Drupal. It includes supervisord to handle the launching of Apache and MySQL; any additional components can likely be launched from supervisord as well. It's built from the Dockerfile in the repo above; as such, it should be as up to date as Ubuntu 12.04LTS is on its last push date.

Note that the MySQL root pw is now generated by pwgen; you can find the password in /mysql-root-pw.txt after running the container.

The supervisord.conf file is in /etc/supervisord.conf.

Run the container like this:

docker run -d -p 80 jbfink/lampstack
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