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Wordpress 4.0
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Note: if you want this in a Dockerfile-style setup, please visit my github repo.

This is a Wordpress stack, with supervisord handling the launching of mysql, apache and sshd.

This stack is built from my Dockerfile project repo at; as such, it should be as up to date as the last push. :) It's currently running Wordpress 3.8. You can run with the following command:

docker run -d -p 80 jbfink/wordpress

The default command ("/") does some magic to populate Wordpress's wp-config.php, so all you should have to do to finalize the install is visit the mapped port after you run it -- check docker ps for the port, or run docker port container-id 80. Please note that the startup script containers a couple of sleep statements to make sure mysqld starts and stops ok -- you may not see anything on the mapped port around a half a minute or so. Be patient!

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