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A simple flask web service to store and retrieve data
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Dependency for native running

Python 3.5+

Dependency for Docker



Install software listed in requirements.txt and pip-packages.list

Create a database in InfluxDB called 'citadel'

  • influx

Running Instruction

Run natively

python app/

Running with Docker

  1. Install Docker from here
  2. Run "run_with_docker" file. It may ask authority elevation (sudo.)
    Currently the script is based on Linux environment.
    Same script can be easily generated for Windows and Mac.

API Documentation

Generate interactive UI

  1. Specify your machine's IP in app/ for both CITADEL_HOST and SERVER_NAME
  2. Run Citadel with "python app/"
  3. API doc will be accessible from your browser at "http://host:port/api/doc"

Generate static HTML

  1. Citadel should have run once before generating API doc. Needs JAVA>7.
  2. Run "bash"
  3. Generated document is located in doc/api/index.html
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