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PowerShell Core w/ PSRemoting Enabled over SSH. (Photon OS)
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Container running sshd with PowerShell Remoting Configured

(root password is 'SuperSecret')

This container will establish a PowerShell Remote session over SSH to both Linux and Windows machines running PowerShell Core. Windows must be setup up properly to allow this.

docker run --rm -it -name psremote1 -p 555:22 jbonds/ssh-powershell-remoting

To connect to the container using a port other than default 22, you must define the port in your profile's ssh config file which will direct your ssh client to connect using the port specified.

For Linux:
For Windows:

"config" file example:

    Port 555

Once you have this defined you can connect to the container as normal:

    $container = New-Pssession -Hostname -UserName root
    $container = New-Pssession -Hostname -SSHTransport -UserName root

Enter-Pssession $container

The container can also connect to a non-container host. If the host is not configured to use a different port, there is no need to edit the config file. Connect as normal over port 22.

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