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JGroups Gossip Router Docker Image
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JGroups Gossip Router Docker Image

Starts a JGroups Gossip Router that acts as a lookup service.
Cluster members register with under their cluster name, and new members query the GossipRouter for initial cluster membership information.


To start and bind to localhost:12001

docker run -p 12001:12001 jboss/jgroups-gossip

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The image uses log4j2 for logging. The level of the logger org.jgroups is configurable using a system property. To run with TRACE enabled:

docker run -it -e "LogLevel=TRACE"  jboss/jgroups-gossip

It's also possible to use a different log4j2.xml file altogether. To specify a different conf file, from a mounted volume:

docker run -it -e "LOG4J2_FILE=/mount/folder/log4j2.xml" -v /local/folder:/mount/folder jboss/jgroups-gossip
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