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JBoss Windup Docker image

This is a Dockerfile with JBoss Windup.


  • To boot it
    docker run -it -v /path/to/your/app:/opt/jboss/application:rw jboss/windup
  • This will mount the host directory, /path/to/your/app, into the container at /opt/jboss/application, and show the help usage print out.

  • If you need to provide more Windup CLI arguments add them after Docker image name.

  • To run it locally, clone this repository and move to the windup directory.

    docker build -t windup_img .
  • Then run
    docker run -it -v /path/to/your/app:/opt/jboss/application:rw --name windup_ins windup_img
  • Once Windup starts and the command show as processing, your application will be available at /opt/jboss/application. This path will have read/write permission due to the rw parameter used, so Windup can create a folder called <application_name>.report inside (e.g /opt/jboss) to be the --output parameter that Windup uses to save the generated report.

  • After report have been generated, you can access it also from the host by checking the path you mounted locally. Note you will see that the <application_name>.report folder was created locally as well, and the report is inside it.

Image internals

This image extends the jboss/base-jdk:7 image which adds the OpenJDK distribution on top of the jboss/base image. Be aware that the jboss/base assume your user and group id on host system is 1000. If your user is different you can have problems with Permission Denied Error Messages. Please refer to the for selected images for more info.

JBoss Windup is installed in the /opt/jboss/windup directory.


The source is available on GitHub.


Please report any issues on JIRA.

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