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gazettescrape app
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gazettescrape - South African Government Gazette scraper

Non-python dependencies

  • qpdf

Minimal Configuration

Depends on the following DB URI being accessible or overridden to another

GAZETTE_DB_URI = 'postgres://gazettes@localhost/gazettes'


Government Printing Works (GPW) spider

Optional Arguments:


Override default start URL set with a single specific URL

e.g. locally

scrapy crawl -a gazette_type='' gpw


scrapy crawl gpw

Western Cape Province

scrapy crawl western_cape

DB Migrations


PYTHONPATH=. alembic revision --autogenerate -m "I changed field something something"
PYTHONPATH=. alembic upgrade +1

Production/other environments

Copy alembic.ini and refer to that.

PYTHONPATH=. alembic -c alembic_prod.ini upgrade +1


To scrapinghub

First deploy dependencies as eggs, e.g.

shub deploy-egg --from-pypi psycopg2 79283

Then deploy the scrapy project itself

shub deploy 79283

Extended configuration

To store files in S3, set/override the following settings:

FILES_STORE = "s3://code4sa-gazettes/scrape/"


To store the item feed in S3, set/override the following settings:

FEED_URI = s3://code4sa-gazettes/scrape-feed/spider-%(name)s/start-%(time)s.json
FEED_FORMAT = jsonlines


Archival figures out the unique ID of the gazettes and archives them under
human-readable paths in the configured storage location.


source env-example
PYTHONPATH=. python gazettes/


dokku apps:create gazettescrape
dokku docker-options:add gazettescrape run,deploy "-v /home/dokku/gazettescrape/scrapedcache:/scrapedcache"
dokku config:set WEB_SCRAPE_STORE_URI="s3://aws-access-key-id:aws-access-key@code4sa-gazettes/scrape/" \
                 ARCHIVE_STORE_URI="s3://aws-access-key-id:aws-access-key@code4sa-gazettes/archive/" \
                 DB_URI="postgres://gazettes:password@hostname/gazettes" \
# ... push repository to host ...
dokku run python gazettes/

Gazette types

  • National
    • National Gazette Liquour License Special Edition
    • Regulation Gazette
    • Extraordinary Gazette
  • Provincial
    • Provincial Gazette Liquour License Gazette
    • Provincial Separate Gazette
    • Provincial Extraordinary Gazettes
      • e.g. demarcation changes
  • Legal Gazette
  • Separate Gazette

Types as listed in GPW price guide

  • National Gazette
  • Regulation Gazette
  • Petrol Price Gazette
  • Road Carrier Permits
  • Unclaimed Monies (justice, labour or lawyers)
  • Parliament (acts, white paper, green paper)
  • Legal Gazettes A, B anc C
  • Tender Bulletin
  • National Liquor License Gazette
  • Provincial Gazette
  • Provincial Liquor License Gazette
    • GPW publishes these:
      • Gauteng
      • Northern Cape
      • Mpumalanga

Gazette Properties

  • Issue number
  • Title
  • Publication Date
  • Jurisdiction Level ("national" or "provincial")
  • Jurisdiction (e.g. "RSA" or "KZN")
  • Issue type? (e.g. "ordinary" "extraordinary")


    • Page linked from
      • Name - (gazette number) (pub day-month) (govt dept or something)
        • e.g. "40132 11-07 National Treasury", "40133 11-07 Icasa"
      • Full Publication date
      • File name - same as link label with _ instead of spaces
    • Gazette contents
      • Cover page
        • Title: "Government Gazette"
        • Subtitle: none
        • Volume Number
        • Publication Date
        • Gazette Number
      • Table of Contents
        • Section Headings
          • e.g. "Board Notices" when filename is "BoardFSB"
          • e.g. "General Notices" when filename is "TradeIndus" or "Icasa"
          • e.g. "Government Notices" when filename is "NatTreas"
        • Notice Number
        • Notice Title
        • Gazette Number
        • Page number in gazette
      • Page header: "Government Gazette"
    • Page linked from
      • Name
        • e.g. "... NationalRegulation" or "... Labour" or "... NatRegulation"
    • Gazette contents
      • Cover page
        • Title: "Government Gazette"
        • Subtitle: "Regulation Gazette"
        • Volume Number e.g. "Vol. 609"
        • Gazette Number e.g. "No. 39817"
        • Regulation Gazette Number e.g. "No. 10577"
      • Page header: "Government Gazette"
      • Table of Contents
        • Section Headings
          • e.g. "Government Notices"
            • Subsection Headings
              • e.g. "Environmental Affairs, Deptartment of" when name is "NationalRegulation"
              • e.g. "Labour, Department of" when name is "NationalRegulation" or "Labour"
    • Page linked from
      • Name
        • e.g. "... NationalGovernment" or "... NationalGazette"
          Gazette contents
        • cover page
          • Title: "Government Gazette"
          • Subtitle: none
        • Weekly Index
          • description: "For purposes of reference, all Proclamations, Government Notices, General Notices and Board Notices published are included in the following table of contents which thus forms a weekly index. Let yourself be guided by the gazette numbers in the righthand column"
          • Section Headings
            • e.g. "Proclamation"
            • e.g. "Government Notice"
            • e.g. "General Notice"
            • e.g. "Board Notice"
        • Table of Contents

Gazette number Series

  • Each province's gazettes
    • ordinary
    • extraordinary
    • liquour
  • National
    • general
    • separate
    • regulation
    • national liquor
    • legal notices A, B and C
    • Road carrier permits
  • Tender Bulletin

National Gazettes and Tender Bulletins seem to fall under the same volume.

Western Cape Provincial Gazettes don't seem to have volumes - just one big series.

Free state doesn't have volumes and the series wraps on 1 April. Or at least it might have volumes and parts within an issue.

Other notes

  • Sometimes the cover page says "Part 1 of 2". It seems like the second part is included in the same PDF.
  • An example of an official reference to a gazette
    • Government Notice 2432, Government Gazette, Vol. 400, No. 19377 of 19 Octover 1998
    • Republic of South Africa. 2006. Government Tender Bulletin Vol. 488 No. 2424. Pretoria: Government Printing Works

Structured Gazette Archive

Gazettes are to be stored according to the following stucture:


That is (jurisdiction)/(publication year)/(unique-id).pdf

Unique IDs for gazettes take the following form:


That is:

  • Government Gazettes (published by GWP)
    • government-gazette
    • -(volume and issue number)
    • -dated-(publication date in YYYY-MM-DD form)
  • Provincial Gazettes (published by GPW)
    • (province short name)
    • -provincial-gazette
    • -(volume and issue number)
    • -dated-(publication date in YYYY-MM-DD form)
  • Western Cape (published by Western Cape Provincial Govt)
    • western-cape-provincial-gazette
    • -(issue number)
    • -dated-(publication date in YYYY-MM-DD form)
  • Free State (published by office of the premier of FS)
    • TBC
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