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John Blakey Private Tours

This is the contents for the following website:



The site is setup using docker, if you're on on OSX grab a copy of boot2docker
with brew:

$: brew install boot2docker

then the following to get it setup:

$: boot2docker init
$: boot2docker up

export the environment variables it gives you into .bashrc or whatever other shell
you're using.


Fig is used to wire up the containers and manage their lifecycle, run the following
to install it:

$: brew install fig

Running the site


First get the latest copy of the site then create a folder called db_backups and
put the database dump in there under the name of wordpress.sql.

If the dump command hasn't added the following make sure it's in there:

USE wordpress;


To start the containers up simply run:

$: fig up -d

This will pull down all the containers, start and link them up using the inital backup
in the db_backups folder.

One the command has finished, run:

boot2docker ip

and enter it into the browser and the site should load.

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