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Light transmission image from alpine
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Transmission on Alpine Linux


Transmission Daemon Docker Container

Try it out

Change transmission-daemon config:

docker run -ti jbtrystram/alpine-transmission vi /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json


mkdir -p /data/rlesouef/transmission/{downloads,incomplete}

Run the container:

docker run -d --name transmission \
-p 9091:9091 \
-p 51413:51413/tcp \
-p 51413:51413/udp \
-e "USERNAME=admin" \
-e "PASSWORD=password" \
-v /data/rlesouef/transmission/downloads:/transmission/downloads \
-v /data/rlesouef/transmission/incomplete:/transmission/incomplete \

Connect to running container::

docker exec -ti _name_container_ /bin/sh

Remove old files

The old downloaded files can be removed automatically to avoid disk space issues.
To do, simply set an env varaible :


Where 30 is the number of days you want to keep the files.
If set, the files in /transmission/downloads/ will be removed after the number of days you specified.

Avoid loosing torrents

If you update the container or need to recreate it, you'll loose your torrent.
To avoid it, do this once:

docker volume create --name torrents
docker volume create --name transmission-resume

Then start the container, attaching theses volumes :

-v transmission-resume:/etc/transmission-daemon/resume
-v torrents:/etc/transmission-daemon/torrents`

Build it yourself

git clone
cd alpine-transmission
docker build -t rlesouef/alpine-transmission .
mkdir -p /data/username/transmission/{downloads,incomplete,config}

Application container, don't forget to specify a password for transmission account and local directory for the downloads:

docker run -d  --name transmission \
-p 51413:51413 -p 51413:51413/udp -p 9091:9091 \
-v /data/username/transmission/downloads:/torrents/downloads \
-v /data/username/transmission/incomplete:/torrents/incomplete \
-v /data/username/transmission/config:/etc/transmission-daemon \

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