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Tools to generate and deploy Apache Oozie workflows
Full Description

Oozie workflow tools AKA Slippin Jimmy

Generating Oozie workflows can be a tedious task, coding XML is not
awesome, so you can generate them from Jinja templates using the script.

Installing the image

docker pull jcarlosgalvezm/slippin-jimmy

Running the container

docker run -it --name Slippinj -v /shared-data:/shared-data jcarlosgalvezm/slippin-jimmy bash

Running the script

The arguments not provided and mandatory are asked for during script

# jimmy -h

Components of the module

Slippin Jimmy is composed by the above components: Scribe: It creates the documentation and basic configuration from the Source database Valet: It provisions the cluster with the needed software Tlacuilo: It compiles the XML workflows from the YAML configuration Anabasii: It uploads the code to the cluster Cooper: Once the code has been uploaded it run the workflows Hersir: Execute compilation, upload and once is uploaded the code to the cluster run the workflows.

Docker Pull Command