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OpenResty/Nginx purpose built for McMyAdmin docker
Full Description

*This container is purpose built for linking with McMyAdmin Minecraft Container


  • Uses ubuntu:14.04 base
  • Features OpenResty(Nginx + Lua), and Lapis Framework
  • Provides SSL termination and reverse proxy for McMyAdmin Server
  • Exposes tcp/80 and tcp/443
  • Defaults to no SSL, SSL is provided when ENV variables are set and host volume linked
  • Requires link alias with McMyAdmin container to be named "MMA"
  • Provides a default page on tcp/80 with container specific generated instructions on how to connect to linked McMyAdmin server (screenshot above). This is great place to send friends new to Minecraft who want to connect to your server.


Default (No SSL) example:

docker run -p 80:80 --name nginx --link mcmyadmin:mma jchaney/openresty-nginx

SSL example:

Note: You will need to provide your own cert and key, and attach a volume containing those to your container. You can put these wherever you want, however you will need to provide those paths using the environment variables SSL_KEY and SSL_CERT as shown below. In my example, I have copied the cert and key to /home/jchaney/ssl and mapped that to /root/ssl on the container. I have then passed the paths to those files in the environment variables.

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --name nginx --link mcmyadmin:mma -v /home/jchaney/ssl:/root/ssl -e "SSL_KEY=/root/ssl/myssl.key" -e "SSL_CERT=/root/ssl/myssl.crt" jchaney/openresty-nginx

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