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A working container of the latest python implementation of ethereum. Runs off CentOS 6.5 and Python 2.7.6.
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In an ideal world you'd just install things and they would work! I have
suffered for you, the internet. The hordes of folks who want ot install

Basically this installs dependecies needed to run the python
implementation of ethereum.

You should see this output if you run python2.7 /tmppyethereum/

bash-4.1# python2.7 pyethereum/
Bottle v0.12.7 server starting up (using WaitressServer())...
Listening on
Hit Ctrl-C to quit.

serving on


pyethereum ships with a requirements.txt which you can point pip at
in order to install python module dependencies.

  • Python-2.7.6
  • pip2.7
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