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QuasselCore for FreeNAS
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Quassel Core: distributed IRC client - central core

Quassel is a graphical distributed IRC client with clients that
connect to the central core. This container runs the central core.


Once you have started the container, follow the instructions
to connect and create a user.


  • <path to quasselcore data>:/config
    Where Quassel stores all it's configuration and state. This should be
    a dataset if you want the state to be remembered if you ever delete
    the container. This state includes the certificate, configuration,
    user data and session logs of the users.


This container uses NAT by default. The default port for Quassel is
4242 on the FreeNAS box' IP address. If this port conflicts with
another service (Crashplan also uses this port) you have a couple

  1. Change the host port value to something else and reconfigure your clients.
  2. Change the Primary Network Mode to Bridged and assign a static or dynamic address to this container.

Advanced configuration

Using your own certificate

If you would like to use your own certificate, install it in PEM
format in /config.

Changing a forgotten password

Interactively connect to the container and:run the following command:

quasselcore --change-userpass=USERNAME

Adding additonal users

Quasselcore can support multiple users, but they must be added
manually. Interactively connect to the container and run the
following command:

quasselcore --add-user

About this container

This FreeNAS specific container is built on from

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