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Elasticsearch Index & Search
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What is esis?

esis is a tool to index every row found in every SQLite database found under a given directory in Elasticsearch.

The source code of esis can be found in github and the documentation is available in

How to use this image

esis as a tool requires Elasticsearch to be running and a directory in a filesystem to explore it. In the documentation there's a section that explains how to run the code using docker-compose.

If you want to use just docker, isn't difficult either, you just need to follow the steps below.

Download the images

docker pull elasticsearch
docker pull jcollado/esis

Start Elasticsearch

docker run --name elasticsearch elasticsearch

where the --name option is used to link the Elasticsearch container to the
esis container later.

The entry point for the esis image assumes that the hostname for Elasticsearch
is elasticsearch in the container. Take this into account when using the
--link option as in the examples below.

Run esis

  • Index data under directory

    docker run --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch -v <directory>:/data --rm -t -i jcollado/esis index /data

    where <directory> is a location in the host filesystem and /data is an
    arbitrary directory used to index data in the container.

  • Count indexed documents

    docker run --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch --rm -t -i jcollado/esis count
  • Run search query

    docker run --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch --rm -t -i jcollado/esis search <string>

    where <string> is the string to be used in the query against Elasticsearch.

  • Remove indexed documents

    docker run --link elasticsearch:elasticsearch --rm -t -i jcollado/esis clean
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