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Container for the Spigot Minecraft multiplayer server
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This is an alpine-linux based image to run the Spigot minecraft server with
various plugins. It is somewhat specialized for the minecraft
server that I operate, although I hope to generalize it enough that others
will be able to readily adapt it to their use.

Spigot is built during container build to avoid any legal problems w.r.t.
distributing the Spigot binary. Besides this, the container is extremely
simple. Minecraft will be executed with a cwd of /data, and so you should
hostmount this to wherever you intend to keep all of your data. No special
considerations are made for first-time startup, but the server should handle
the case of an empty data directory acceptably by generating a default

A future direction for this container might be automatic retrieval of plugins
at build-time, which would be very slick, but would come at the cost of
flexibility in deployment. It would also be a bit of a pain since Minecraft
mixes plugins and their configuration and data all into one directory tree.


docker run -v /srv/minecraft:/data -p 25565:25565 jcrawfordor/spigotserver
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